Sacred Church is a family of independent churches up-and-down the Peninsula who have decided it’s better to do ministry together than apart. So we share things like vision, staff, resources, and relationships. We also recognize the uniqueness of each of our communities, so each church community has their own lead pastor, finances, and style.


Sacred Church logo was inspired by the history of the Peninsula.
The Burlingame train station was built in 1894 by the members of the Burlingame Country Club– 14 years before the town was ever incorporated. The town grew slowly until 1906, when the San Francisco earthquake and fire sent hundreds of people in search of a safe residential area [cited].
Towns, like Burlingame and San Bruno, began to grow rapidly around these train stations. Once vacant land began bustling with business, homes, and life.
Similarly, The Sacred Church’s vision is to bring life through beautiful, family-sized neighborhood churches up and down the Peninsula. Like a spinal cord through the Peninsula, the train gave life to these cities; so we believe, the Gospel through the Church, will do the same 100 years later.

Sacred Main Logo Web Resolution

 Inspired by an old-fashioned train grill, the emblem serves as our main visual logo.

Sacred Church Button Logo Web ResolutionThe headlight, pulled from the grill -inspired emblem, holds much significance. As Jesus is the light (John 8:12) we are called to be light for our city (Matthew 5:14-16).

Sacred Type Font Logo Web Resolution

 A playful inspiration of a birds-eye view of a train    (“Sacred”) along the tracks.